Wax-Hand Union In Slovenia, Europe

We welcome our new Slovenia wax hand franchisee to our wax hand family! To date, with the additional wax hand franchise in Slovenia, the wax hand business has covered from Asia, North & South America and now Europe. It is now truly an international business!

Our master franchisee from Europe, Mr. Luka Flander, has first saw the wax hand business in our Hong Kong outlet and immediately identify it as a good business opportunity in Slovenia and other parts of Europe. As a businessman himself involving in trading for computer peripheries, Mr. Flander has gained much exposure to different cultures and market demands. The wax hand business has proven him right again and introducing the business to Europe has showed much good reception.

The instructors (masters) were invited from Hong Kong and Malaysia together with the Singapore marketing manager. The training was conducted in a warehouse and a small startup to actual customers was done in a restaurant next to the training area. A promotional activity was also conducted at TUS bowling center/disco on a Friday night. The reception was over whelming and the business can only stop at 5 am in the morning.

Mr. Luka has plans to setup wax hand stores around Slovenia shopping malls from 3 May 2006 onwards. From Wax-Hand Union International Limited, a company incorporated in Hong Kong, we congratulate him for his success and hoping the business to expand to the other part of Europe. Mr. Luka Flander can be contacted at +386-4170-7717.

The contents above are partial list of Wax-Hand Union's success stories. To acquire more of our franchise experience records globally, kindly click here or you can email our Hong Kong Headquarters at info@waxhandunion.com.

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