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With more than 8 years of experience, we have one of the most recognized and renowned records in the Asia Pacific region. An average of one exhibitions per month, we truly have the necessary know-how and experience in organizing and managing exhibitions to be a successful ones.

Exhibitions organized by Wax-Hand Union covers a wide spectrum of industries, including medical, real estates, education, etc. Our professional and dedicated masters are here to ensure you the top notch products and services.

Oriental Art Exposition
Oita, Japan 2002

Seeknet Launch Roadshow
Taipei, Taiwan 2001

Channel 8 TV Charity Show
Singapore 2003

Fate Exposition III
Taipei, Taiwan 2002
DSF Shopping Festival
Dubai, UAE 2005
Shinsegae Grand Exhibition
Taegu, Korea 2003
Colmar Tropicale Holiday Promotions
Bukit Tinggi Resort
Malaysia 2005

The contents above are partial list of Wax-Hand Union's success stories. To acquire more of our Year 1999-2005 experience records globally, kindly click here.

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