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At Wax-Hand Union, the success of each franchise owner is based on thoughtful and genuine principle that we practice every day. Owning a Wax-Hand Union business is fun and rewarding. Through our short and simple training program, your skill and confidence level will increase, that leads to the success of your business. It's that simple—our franchise owners who are proud—and happy—to bring joy and a rewarding career.

Wax-hand moulding is not only producing a duplica of one’s hand with wax, it is for many reasons with the most common is to make hand as a remembrance and souvenir. This includes

  • A special gift to their love ones with a message using hand sign (like “I love You”, “Thumps Up”, “Victory” etc)
  • A hand jointly made between good friends represents everlasting friendship, between members for unity and between lovers for inseparable love, etc
  • A unique display or decoration with hand sign of special meaning to each individual
  • The fun of seeing one’s own hand made out of wax and enjoying the process of making it
  • The process of making wax hand provides an entertaining performance. It is appealing to all ages especially children and couples. The wax hand moulding is commonly engage by company to help them draw in bigger crowds.
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