Franchisee of The Year :: WAX HAND EGYPT!

Congratulations to Egypt based business owner, Mr Yasmin Abdelhameed of WAX HAND EGYPT, Wax-Hand Union’s International Franchise of the Year for 2006!

Since Mr Ahmed has joined Wax-Hand Union International Ltd as the r Franchisee of Egypt, he has had a tremendous desire to learn every aspect of the handicraft and art industry.

Mr Ahmed has attended numerous training sessions, and makes sure to gather tips from the various masters and franchisees who share their knowledge at the quarterly Franchise Business Meetings. Mr. Ahmed has a
wonderful “can do” attitude and is always looking to improve his processes by utilizing the technical expertise of the Wax-Hand Union's staff.

His artistic combined with entrepreneuship skills are above reproach, he conducts his own inspections and follow-up, and has acquired additional wax-hand fun events and management accounts on his own.

Throughout the year, Mr Ahmed has acquired more customer referral
and success stories which is a true testament to his
entrepreneurial spirit and
dedication to quality. Mr Ahmed freely shares his knowledge with his
fellow franchisees to enhance the image of Wax-Hand Union throughout the franchise community.

Wax-Hand EGYPT s an exceptional ambassador for Wax-Hand Union in Egypt and is a rising star Franchisee for Egypt with a tremendously bright future within our company. He was also honored as the Wax-Hand Union Franchise of the Month in December 2006.

Contact : WAX HAND EGYPT Alexandria , 60 Palm Beach Tel#1:0020106532342 Tel#2:0020105163145 .. Fax#: 002022900593

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